‘Tis the season

Ahhh Christmas.
It’s very different when it happens during show prep.
People were amazed when I told them I would not be drinking alcohol, baking copious amounts of cookies, and indulging in my grandma’s chocolate peppermint bark this year.

Side note: I AM eating goodies on Christmas Day. My trainer and I discussed this previously, and rather than feeling completely deprived I will allow myself some indulgences on the 25th.

I, however, have come to the conclusion that this is one of the best better times of year for show prep.

I am not on the beach, longing for beer. I’m not on vacation at an all inclusive resort. In fact, I’m not being pressured at all by friends to drink and/or eat greasy food. All of my friends are so broke busy from the holidays that I haven’t gone out at all. (I have watched people get hammered around me at two Christmas parties though… Entertaining!).

I am lucky, which makes this easier for me. My mom asked for my clean eating grocery list as I’m going to visit at the end of this week. And my fiancé is going to be at the gym with me while we are away for the holidays. My trainer is on speed dial for emotional support.

Honestly though, I would rather make it through the month of December than the months of June or August. I am finding that my temptations have been mostly limited to holiday baked goods, which I have managed to steer clear of. I haven’t been on a boat with a cooler next to me or felt the desire to go dancing while tipsy. These temptations are thankfully limited to the hot summer nights.

I can not wait to be on the beach, looking ripped, having already completed this process, feeling satisfied, and holding a cooler or beer in my hand!

Maintenance of my current weight is my goal for the week of Christmas. I know I can do it! New Years will be a challenge, but I actually really enjoy being in control while everyone around me gets lost in oblivion. What would Freud say?

Happy Holidays everyone!


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