Favourite things. 11 weeks out update/ breaking my silence

Hi bloggers. 

My competition diet has begun. My culinary course begins on the 6th of January… 

As these two things are bound to conflict I have begun experimenting with keeping my diet clean, but also intriguing.

peppermint mocha:

1. Mix 1/4 cup aqua with 1 scoop chocolate whey isolate

2. Add 1/2 tsp. peppermint extract

3. Add 1 tbs. cocoa powder

4. Mix till no lumpies

5. Add fresh brewed coffee 

6. add a packet of stevia

7. Mix and say nom nom

its almost like you went to Starbucks

tomorrow I will talk about my newest friend, miracle noodles

Favorite quotes of the day

“Cardio…. Is that Spanish?”

“if someone could go ahead and make candy corn flavored protein, that’d be greeeeeeat…”

Today was shoulders and biceps. Abs thrown in. I didn’t do enough cardio (only 15 minutes) so I’ll have to do more later. Biggest struggle of yesterday: going to Boston Pizza with friends. Biggest feat: had a salad with salmon even though it was pasta Tuesday. Not too shabby.