More yummies: miracle noodle discussion

As promised: my new friend, miracle noodles (aka shirataki noodles) have become a fast friend during this regimented diet.

They are zero calorie, zero carb, zero nutrition completely fibre/watery things that act as noodle replacements

I have found so many yummy recipes! Nom nom. Low calorie pad Thai with guilt free noodles? Talk about fitness lover paradise. Pad thai recipe here, thanks to one of my fave bloggers.

I bought mind at a local Natures Fare and have been told they are also sold at my local choices market. There is a list of retailers on their website, and they have multiple noodle forms like fettuccine and rice! Whoa. Cool.

Advice: dry fry them (satay them in a non stick pan) til they are squeaky before adding them to a dish to get rid of their rubbery texture and make them more of a faux noodle texture.

There are TONS of recipes out there. Today I melted 2 skinny cow non fat Swiss cheese triangles on angel hair style shirataki noodles. It was delicious and un-nutritious only 50 calories!

Enjoy friends.